Enough with the techno gizmos, idtagit is as simple as it gets. It's a small tag you stick or hang on to your belongings so if someone finds something you've lost, they can return it – huzzah!

We can't stop you losing stuff, but we can help you get it back. Put idtagit tags on your mobile, luggage, keys, backpack and anything else you can think of.

Features & benefits

  • Incredibly simple, effective, discreet and great value
  • No ongoing subscription fees, just one small of payment of $23 for a pack of 5 or $29 for a pack of 10
  • Super strong tags – can be attached to anything without falling off
  • Works anywhere in the world 
  • No expiry date, no distance limitations, and no need for batteries or connection to smartphone apps

Getting started

Each tag has a unique ID code which connects you to your possessions, so if you don't want the hassle over losing things forever, you need idtagit.
Purchase as many tags as you need (they come in packs of 5 for $23 or $29 for packs of 10).
Once you receive your tags, go to idtagit.com and record your unique codes against your profile.
Once you’ve received your tags via post, simply attach or hang them on your stuff.
Now if you lose anything, it’s got the best chance of finding its way back to you.

Why codes?

Secure, private and efficient.

Do you want your private details splashed all around town?
Nope. The answer is codes.

Using unique codes is the most discreet and effective way to connect you to your things.

As a trustworthy third party, idtagit doesn’t disclose your identity or personal details to anyone (even finders of things you’ve lost), so you can remain anonymous yet still connected to your lost property. 


Lost is now found.

The recovery process
Say you've had a big night out and lost your mobile - what happens next?

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